Trends in Business Transformation

What are the drivers of business transformation and what are the reasons for transformation success and failure. The recent study produced and written by Capgemini Consulting in co-operation with the Economist Intelligence Unit addresses these questions and shows what has been learnt so far across industries in Western Europe.

1. Who, When, Where ?Trends in Business Transformation is a briefing paper produced by Capgemini Consulting and written in co-operation with the Economist Intelligence Unit.Capgemini Consulting is

the management consulting discipline of the Capgemini Group. We offer transformational excellence through understanding specific customer needs in all business sectors. Based on our strong functional

expertise and our ability to accelerate change, we collaborate with customers to design the best strategies and execute the transformation, impacting both business results and growth. Across the

globe, Capgemini Consulting has 5,000 management consultants. For more information go to: (International) or (Germany/Switzerland).2. Wherefrom, Whereto,

Wherefore ? The findings are based on two main strands of research: The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted an online survey of 125 senior executives from Western Europe at businesses with minimum

annual revenues of US$500m (€393m). Fifty percent of those surveyed were C-level executives. The survey encompassed a wide variety of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The most heavily

represented were financial services (accounting for 19% of respondents), manufacturing (17%) and IT & Technology (11%). We also interviewed 15 senior executives from across industry to ascertain

their views. The aim of these interviews was to identify trends in business transformation, to look at the lessons these executives have learnt from their experience of transformation projects, and

to find out how they have overcome specific challenges related to transformation in their organisation.3. What, How, Which Results ? The need for business transformation has never been greater in the

modern organisation. But while companies are gradually becoming accustomed to being in the midst of constant change, they often lack the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in such an

environment. The aim of this report is to look at the factors that are driving the need for business transformation, to assess the experiences of European businesses as they grapple with implementing

complex change projects, and to recommend ways in which executives can improve the success rate of transformation in their organisation.Key results:Business transformation has become a central way of

working. Companies in Western Europe have carried out an average of seven transformation projects in the past three years.The forces of globalisation will continue to increase the level of

transformational activity in the next three years.Implementation is seen as the riskiest stage of a project.Having executives in the company who champion business transformation is a key factor that

ensures the long-term success of a business transformation.To be successful, a transformation project must be referenced continuously to the future state of the organization.Each person and each

change agent must be able to see what the change is about.Corporate leaders need to have a very clear vision for their core business as well as an ability to align human resources across diverse

corporate, cultural and political environments.4. For Whom, on What Terms ? The study is highly relevant for a spectrum of readers that are or will be involved in any kind of large business

transformation. It contributes to a better understanding of the drivers and key success factors of business transformation programs.5. How to Rank ?The trends in business transformation seem quite

obvious. An average of seven transformation projects per company in the past three years support the fact of an increasing need for change experts and executives who ensure the relevant supply by

physical, financial, and personal means. This study provides an outstanding survey about the recent trends in business transformation across industries in Europe. Far more than a snapshot the study

combines experiences with actual aspects and trends and offers recommendations on how to transform your business appropriately.

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